Karen Wuytens


Karen Wuytens (°1977) teaches in the bachelor and master years of ‘Object & Jewellery’ and obtained her PhD in 2014 on the various design processes of designers. Together with Jan Kuppers, she forms the design studio kuppers&wuytens, established in2012. They design their own products and also provide exclusive designs, custom-made for their clients. Whether it concerns an accessory or a utensil, the experience of the product by the user is always their starting point. They explicitly use the properties of materials and combine these with both traditional know-how and innovative technological production techniques. Within their designs they realise a proper balance between working with professional artisans and still maintaining fair prices, and they prefer local production to mass production in low-wage countries. These choices imply a pure and timeless design, characteristic of their no-nonsense label. Recently kuppers&wuytens have received a ‘Henry Van De Velde Label’ and have won the ‘Unizo Drijfveer’.


(photo: Kristof Vranken)

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